Ready for New Year Prom 2000   My last trip on ski

Me and my bodyguards in Jammu & Kashmir

I'm  born in Uvdal in Numedal, south east of Norway, but living in the north of Norway (rely it is more in the middle of Norway) close to the most powerful male stream in the world "Saltstroemmen" witch is 30 kilometer from Bodoe, the biggest city in Salten district (Herred)
The name of my community is Skjerstad

My interest has always been mechanic and electricity, but mostly electricity.
I have more than 20 year experience with high power and high volt electricity, up to 36000 V, and 16 year with license fore low volt high power (up to 1000 V AC and 1500 V DC)
About 6 year i have been making tunnels, mostly with Tunnel Boring Machine type Robbins fore Hydra Power Stations.
Svartisen is one of them, made for 2 x 400 MVA at that time and still  the world biggest turbine.
Of coarse i have computer as hobbies, but i have a new 30 year old hose that need some maintenance.

My house

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